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Compatible HP 56, Compatible HP 57 for HP Compatible HP C6656AN, C6657AN Ink Cartridge Set of 2
Remanufactured HP 56 and 57 Ink Cartridges Set of 2

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Supported Cartridge(s): HP C6656AN, C6657AN (HP 56, HP 57)
Color: Black, Color
Page Yield: Black 450, Tri-Color 391 at 5% coverage
Condition: Remanufactured
Status: In stock. Usually ships same day.
Warranty: 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee

Supported Printers
HP All-in-One Inkjet
DeskJet F4135, DeskJet F4140, DeskJet F4180, DeskJet F4180 MFP, OfficeJet 4110, OfficeJet 4110v, OfficeJet 4110xi, OfficeJet 4215, OfficeJet 4215v, OfficeJet 4215xi, OfficeJet 5500, OfficeJet 5505, OfficeJet 5510, OfficeJet 5510v, OfficeJet 5510xi, OfficeJet 5515, OfficeJet 6105, OfficeJet 6110, OfficeJet 6110v, OfficeJet 6110xi, PSC 1110, PSC 1110v, PSC 1118, PSC 1200, PSC 1205, PSC 1209, PSC 1210, PSC 1210v, PSC 1210xi, PSC 1310, PSC 1311, PSC 1315, PSC 1315v, PSC 1315xi, PSC 1317, PSC 1340, PSC 1350, PSC 1350v, PSC 1350xi, PSC 1355, PSC 2105, PSC 2108, PSC 2110, PSC 2110v, PSC 2110xi, PSC 2115, PSC 2150, PSC 2170, PSC 2171, PSC 2175, PSC 2175v, PSC 2175xi, PSC 2200, PSC 2210, PSC 2210v, PSC 2210xi, PSC 2410, PSC 2410v, PSC 2410xi, PSC 2510, PSC 2510xi
HP Inkjet Copier
Digital Copier 410
HP Inkjet
DeskJet 450cbi, DeskJet 450ci, DeskJet 450wbt, DeskJet 5150, DeskJet 5150w, DeskJet 5550, DeskJet 5551, DeskJet 5650, DeskJet 5650w, DeskJet 5850, DeskJet 5850w, DeskJet 9650, DeskJet 9670, DeskJet 9680
HP Photo Inkjet
DeskJet 450cbi, DeskJet 5150, DeskJet 5550, DeskJet 5650, DeskJet 5850, DeskJet 9650, DeskJet 9670, DeskJet 9680, OfficeJet 4110, OfficeJet 5505, OfficeJet 5510, OfficeJet 6110, Photosmart 100, Photosmart 130, PhotoSmart, PhotoSmart 130xi, Photosmart 145, PhotoSmart 145v, PhotoSmart 145xi, Photosmart 230, PhotoSmart 230v, PhotoSmart 230xi, Photosmart 245, PhotoSmart 245v, PhotoSmart 245xi, Photosmart 7150, Photosmart 7260, PhotoSmart 7260v, PhotoSmart 7260w, Photosmart 7, PhotoSmart 7350v, Photosmart 7450, PhotoSmart 7450v, PhotoSmart 7450xi, Photosmart 7550, PhotoSmart 7550v, PhotoSmart 7550w, Photosmart 7660, PhotoSmart 7660v, PhotoSmart 7660w, Photosmart 7755, Photosmart 7760, PhotoSmart 7760v, PhotoSmart 7760w, Photosmart 7960, PhotoSmart 7960w, PSC 1110, PSC 1209, PSC 1210, PSC 1311, PSC 1315, PSC 1350, PSC 2110, PSC 2175, PSC 2210, PSC 2410, PSC 2510
HP Portable Inkjet
DeskJet 450cbi, Photosmart 145, Photosmart 245
HP Wide Format Inkjet
DeskJet 9650, DeskJet 9670, DeskJet 9680

ColorTonerExpert HP 56 (HP C6656AN) & HP 57 (C6657AN) Set of 2 Ink Cartridges is a combo pack of remanufactured HP inkjet cartridges which consists of HP C5016A black ink, HP C4911A cyan ink, HP C4912A magenta ink and HPC4913A yellow ink. These are specifically built to work with Color Copier 410, Deskjet 450, Deskjet 450cbi, Deskjet 450ci, OfficeJet 4110v, OfficeJet 4110xi, OfficeJet 4215 and OfficeJet 4215v. It has printing page yields of 450 pages for the HP 56 (HP C6656AN) black ink and 391 pages for the HP 57 (C6657AN) tri-color ink.

Replacement HP 56 (C6656AN) & HP 57 (C6657AN) Set of 2 Ink Cartridges built to meet the highest industry standards in print quality and performance, to produce the kind of sharp and clear characters and vibrant colors you get from name brand cartridges. These are made from empty inkjet cartridges sourced from recycling facilities are carefully cleaned & inspected and damaged parts are replaced with new ones before they are refilled with specially engineered ink that match the performance and quality of the original ink. Aside from this, using this as replacement printer cartridges will not void your printer’s warranty as according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty of 1975.

ColorTonerExpert partnered with best remanufacturers in the market to be able to provide products that simply just work right out of the box. All our remanufactured laser toner cartridges are backed with 1 Year Money Back Guarantee for your 100% satisfaction. We also offer Free Shipping on all orders $35+ within the continental USA.

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