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Torani Syrup Variety Pack (Set of 6 Bottles - 25.4 oz. Each)

Our Price: $29.99

Product Code: LC-TORANIS6

Product Type: Torani Flavoring Syrup
Includes: Peppermint, French Vanilla, Caramel, Raspberry, Vanilla and Hazelnut
Quantity: 6 Bottles of Torani Syrup (25.4 oz. each)


Torani Syrup Variety Pack includes 6 bottles of Torani Syrup (25.4 oz.) with different flavors such as Peppermint, French Vanilla, Caramel, Raspberry, Vanilla and Hazelnut to add on your favorite blend of coffee or tea. These are flavoring syrups that are made from pure cane sugar and will deliver the sweet addition of vanilla to your beverage. All the syrup bottles sold here are the same premium glass bottles used at your favorite café, restaurant or bar.

Torani has been providing coffee and tea drinkers with something extra to add for their drinks by taking a plain latte or hot tea to the next level by adding sweetened flavor syrup of your choice since the year 1925. By just adding a teaspoon of your preferred flavored syrup on your hot beverage, you can turn your ordinary tea or coffee into something more special. Each flavor of syrup comes in a glass bottle.

Torani Syrup Variety Pack includes:

- Peppermint Syrup 25.4 oz. bottle
- French Vanilla 25.4 oz. bottle
- Caramel 25.4 oz. bottle
- Raspberry 25.4 oz. bottle
- Vanilla 25.4 oz. bottle
- Hazelnut Syrup 25.4 oz. bottle